Gwen Degalore

Hello, there. I'm Gwen(short form of Guinevere) Degalore, student of Camelot College. Friendly, but a bit insecure. Still trying to find her real talent. Known to have a good memory.
Sorry, where is that classroom again?

Visiting [Morgana and Gwen] 

It was a long day, Gwen stated entering her room after her last class. She was a bit tired, with a head full of terms of Linguistics, tunes of Little Shop of Horrors, small details of Tolkien’s life and Lancelot’s face once and twice. Taking her shoes off and putting her bag down she laid onto her bed to relax a bit. She picked up a book from her nightstand and started to read.

About half an hour later she put the book down - she loved reading, but she didn’t feel like doing it now. She looked around the room: it still looked strange for her, even though she had already decorated it a bit. Not having a roommate didn’t help it either - the empty bed made it somehow sad. She sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

She wanted to be with her friends, though she spent almost half the day with them: she met Merlin twice, then she met Gwaine… Lancelot was the only one she didn’t meet, though she would the next day. She was afraid she’d take advantage of their kindness, so it might not be the best idea looking for them now. Or was that another stupid idea of hers? Luckily, before she could start to think of it, she remembered that she promised Morgana, the girl who lived in Room 103, that she’d visit her. A wide smile ran through her face thinking about that.

She was at the corridor in less than a minute. She shyly knocked on the 103’s door, hoping that Morgana was there.

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    Morgana laughed. “No, he does’t, does he.” Still, she probably didn’t look like the type to play basketball either....
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    Gwen had to think about it a bit. “Maybe we should, though I can’t really imagine Merlin playing basketball. He just...