Gwen Degalore

Hello, there. I'm Gwen(short form of Guinevere) Degalore, student of Camelot College. Friendly, but a bit insecure. Still trying to find her real talent. Known to have a good memory.
Sorry, where is that classroom again?

High Street (Gwaine and Gwen) 

Gwen had just left the textile shop and now she was ready to make her first patterns for the costumes of Little Shop of Horrors. She had the special papers, the chalks, the rulers, everything. The day before she had met Tanya, the girl who played Audrey to measure her and she had seemed to like the dresses Gwen had designed for her. However, she was a bit nervous, since these would be her first actual patterns and she was afraid that she would mess it up, even though she already knew how to make it by heart.

At that moment she spotted Gwaine walking on the other side of High Street. She hadn’t seen him for a while, despite that he was Lancelot’s roommate and Morgana’s boyfriend, so she crossed the street to meet him. Since he was walking quite fast, she had to speed up a little, but she wasn’t running after him. No, she wouldn’t do such thing. “Hi, Gwaine!” she greeted him when she could catch up with him.